WOW! I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to see Katzenjammer again in concert since their last one  crashed with Tracy Chapman (back in october). Back then, I chose Tracy Chapman, because I figured it would be a slightly higher chance to see Katzenjammer again soon, than Tracy.. and it turned out I was right! I was at a few really really good concerts in 2008, and in my mind I have a few “winners”. If this concert had been among the 2008-ones, I think it would climb very very near the top, if not all the way.

It was so incredibly fun to watch these four girls play tonight, with grins on their faces almost constantly while playing and receiving a bucketload of applause from the audience. They are quite “young” in terms of concerts, and it’s obvious that they are a bit.. surprised at their success. It’s all deserved though, they play all kinds of instruments, have great voices,  and their sound is to me.. well, perfect! Excellent job!

They had good contact with the audience, with various singing-exercises that impressed at least Solveig ;-)

Their playlist for the evening was according to the piece of paper I have:

  • Disney Intro
  • Tea With Cinnamon
  • To The Sea (one of my personal favourites)
  • Mother Superior
  • Virginia Clemm (lovely song)
  • Play My Darling
  • Demon Kitty
  • A Bar In Amsterdam
  • Gods Great Dust Storm
  • Hey Ho
  • Le Pop
  • Der Kapitan
  • Wading In Deeper
  • Shepard Song
  • Gypsy Flee
  • Ain’t No Thang

Demon Kitty was a very good song, originally by Lightbulb Society, I really hope it makes it onto their next album, even though it’s a cover, because it was simply awesome! A good song performed to perfection by Katzenjammer :).

If you have their first album, you’ll find there are a few other songs on the playlist you won’t recognize, and I can assure you, if all the songs on their next album is as good as these, the album will be a worthy successor to Le Pop. But when will it come out!?

This concert was sold out, just like their previous one. If you weren’t able to enjoy them this time, check out their upcoming shows!