Tonight (december 14th 2008) I had the pleasure of seeing Lucky Lips live for the third time, this time at a cafe in Oslo, Cafe Sør. I’ve only been to this cafe once before, a few years back, and I didn’t even know they had live performances until now.

Now, I’m not sure how many of the people in the cafe was there to see Lucky Lips, and how many got a surprise, but I’m not entirely sure that this audience was ideal for the band. It all seemed a little… I don’t know, cafeish. :-) It might just be how concerts are at cafes though, what do I know. I’ve only been to.. well, none, before this. At least that I’ve payed attention to. I saw at least one group of people sitting at a table just next to the stage decided after a few songs to leave (shame on them!).

I thought the band was a little too careful at the beginning, almost careful not to annoy anyone who was talking, but they overcome that thankfully after a short while, and delivered a good concert. After being witness to them play earlier (at Parkteatret, short article coming soon, maybe), this concert was slightly more lively, but not as private and cozy as the Parkteatret-performance. Got a little better after the lights were turned down a bit though. :)

They did all their cool and sad songs, as expected, three of them you can listen to on their website, and a few other catchy ones, such as “Sweetheart”. I loved every second of their show, and it was obvious that they were loving it too, smiling and laughing :)

According to their website, the next gig will be in may 2009, after a little bit of creativity to make new songs for us mortals to love. I can’t wait!