The norwegian band Katzenjammer, founded in 2005, held a (free) mini-concert at Platekompaniet in Oslo City mall on saturday, october 4th. Platekompaniet isn’t exactly the ideal place for a concert, but in spite of that, the overall experience was surprisingly good (although short)!

Katzenjammer is Anne Marit Bergheim, Marianne Sveen, Solveig Heilo and Turid Jørgensen. The “stage” at Platekompaniet was crammed inbetween the stairs between first and second floor, a wall full of cd’s, and shelves full of cd’s. Not much room to move around in, and considering they are all playing all kind of instruments, and therefore swapping positions quite often, there was some problems with cables getting tangled up here and there.

Regardless! The four girls delivered an excellent concert to the not-so-big audience (but considerably more people than what is usual for these kinds of concerts according to Platekompaniet). The performance was full of energy and they were really enjoying playing their music. They performed the song that got them third place in the finals of Urørt 2008, “A bar in Amsterdam”, as well as many other catchy tunes, such as “To the sea” which has become one of my favourites.

“A bar in Amsterdam” by Katzenjammer, from the album “Le pop”.

The girls describe their music as “folkrockpopbluegrass-skranglesirkuscowboy-music”, which is probably more accurate than most other attempts to describe them. They have a wide and different taste in music, so they end up being a somewhat schizophrenic band, according to Turid.

Being a mini-concert it didn’t last very long and had no extras (sadly, I wanted to hear “Play my darling play” as well, I guess next time), but they did hang around to sign their debut-album which I had already bought (along with the new album from Maria Mena, who is playing at John Dee on october 30th). I got in line for the signing and am now the proud owner of a signed Le pop. :D

“Ain’t no thang” by Katzenjammer, from the album “Le pop”.

Talked to Solveig during the signing, and I asked when their next concert was, and found out they are playing at Rockefeller on november 15th! I later found out that it collides with a different concert I really want to see, which sucks alot. I will get another chance though, after all they are based in Oslo (for now). If you have nothing else planned for november 15th though, you should definately go check them out.

Check out Katzenjammer on MySpace too, for a listen to some of their songs.