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Nina Kinert at Betong

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My very first meeting with the swedish artist Nina Kinert was february 17th 2007, when she was touring with Ane Brun. She was warming up before and supporting during Ane’s performance. This first time I saw her, it was after her second album (although some say it was the first) “Let there be love”. Never having heard any of her music before, I wasn’t really too enthusiastic about her.. I was there for Ane Brun. I guess as a result of this, I didn’t think anything special about her music. She didn’t stand out as a wow-artist for me at the time, and the songs weren’t very catchy either, for a first-time listen (but they have grown on me!).

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Bluegrass night at Rockefeller

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On september 17th 2008 I had a brand new experience when it comes to concerts. I was at Bluegrass Night at Rockefeller in Oslo. It wasn’t actually until after I’ve bought the ticket that I realized it was a full night with several bands. I thought I was buying a ticket to see The Lovell Sisters (which I also did of course), but there was so much more. I must admit I was a bit sceptical though, I didn’t think thiswas a concert for me, bluegrass being country-ish and all, but boy was I wrong..

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