The magnificent Lucy Swann (NO) played at John Dee tonight, as warmup for another norwegian band called Rover. Her performance was quite short, but it was excellent and well worth the trip! I saw her live at Musikkens dag in Oslo on june 6th, and instantly fell in love. Needless to say, I was excited about this concert, as it’ll most likely be my last chance to see her live in a while.

Lucy Swann came on stage at around 22:30 and brought with her a group of three men called “The blind brothers” after her first solo-song. They didn’t look very blind to me, but at least their dark sunglasses helped their image somewhat.. They did backup vocals and some “dancing” from time to time. After a few songs with them, she finished with another solo-song.

Her amazing strong voice and the backup vocals, combined with prerecorded and live-recorded samples using a loopmachine, kind of pulls me in but at the same time is so brilliant that it stands alone, me watching and listening, wanting more. I’m not really sure what exactly she’s using for the samples, except that there’s a loopmachine involved, and I have absolutely no idea how hard it is to operate one successfully live, but she does it with ease and good timing. All these things makes a total musical experience that is, well, awesome.

“The little death” performed Live at Parkteateret March 29th 2009.

She only played for 20 minutes, to around 22:50. Rover was on next, but with Lucy Swann being so awesome, I really didn’t feel like having it slip off my mind by listening to Rover. After all, I did come to see Lucy Swann (this time).  I wanted to keep the short but great performance fresh in my memory until I got home, and could tune in to her songs on MySpace and videos on YouTube :). So I took off, smiling as I walked to the underground to get home..

If you missed this show (and alot of people did, a rough count got me to around 60-80 people) you’ll get another chance next saturday (june 27th) at around 17:00. She’ll be playing at/outside Parkteateret along with many other bands at the “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?”-event. Check out other gigs on her homepage.

At least check out her music online, you won’t regret it!