An email newsletter from the local concert-scene in Oslo tempted me to visit John Dee to see and hear Amy LaVere from Memphis, Tennessee play on wednesday may 6th. I had never heard about her before, but the mini-review in their newsletter made me stop by her MySpace-page to hear some of her songs. It isn’t (well, wasn’t) not my typical music, but it sounded really good, good enough to warrant a live experience. She plays the contrabass with style, and has a really nice, graceful and slightly rustic voice.

With her she had drummer Paul “Snowflake” Taylor and guitarist Steve Selvidge who also both are independant artists. They were on stage for about an hour and 20 minutes, starting at 21:50, playing their great music. Songs like “Killing him”, “If love was a train”, “Never been sadder” were brilliantly performed, and I was constantly beating the rhythm. They also played a pretty good cover of “Tower of song”, originally be Leonard Cohen, one of Amy’s favourite songs.

“Killing him” by Amy LaVere, from the album “Anchors & Anvils”.

John Dee is a fairly small place, but even so it was far from full. I think I had the company of around 70-80 people or so, which is a shame really. Hopefully that’ll change the next time she visits.. like when YOU show up! Although she didn’t have her own baby with her (as in, her contrabass) but used a loaner, she was doing a great job keeping the smile on my face at least!

Wikipedia says her music is “..classified as Americana, combining a blend of classic country, gypsy jazz, and southern soul”. Amy has released two albums, “This world is not my home” from 2006 and “Anchors & Anvils” from 2007, both of which contains several very good songs. Recommended!