My very first meeting with the swedish artist Nina Kinert was february 17th 2007, when she was touring with Ane Brun. She was warming up before and supporting during Ane’s performance. This first time I saw her, it was after her second album (although some say it was the first) “Let there be love”. Never having heard any of her music before, I wasn’t really too enthusiastic about her.. I was there for Ane Brun. I guess as a result of this, I didn’t think anything special about her music. She didn’t stand out as a wow-artist for me at the time, and the songs weren’t very catchy either, for a first-time listen (but they have grown on me!).

“Visitor” by Nina Kinert, from the album “Let there be love”.

After that performance I didn’t really think about her until I saw her again, as warmup and support for Ane Brun again, at Sentrum Scene on April 2nd 2008. She had a new album out, “Pets & friends”, which in my opinion is alot better than the first one. Her warmup-performance was good and charming, and the songs were great (also for a first-time listen!). After the concert I ended up buying both of her albums. The album “Pets & friends” is really good, and I come back to it fairly often. The first album “Let there be love” has grown on me since the first concert, but not to the point where I prefer it over “Pets & Friends” (yet).

Anyway, the concert at Betong on september 19th was the first concert I’ve been to (and I think she’s had, at least in Norway) where someone warmed up for her instead of the other way around. Yay!

The concert had mostly material from “Pets & friends”, so it was well known to me, and the performance was great! I wouldn’t mind just a little bit more contact with the audience though. I’ve come to enjoy the communication and interaction between the audience and artist(s) lately, more than I used to at least, and it makes all artists appear more, erm, human. More of that makes a good concert great!

I had never been to a concert at Betong before, and I was very disappointed by the sound-quality and mixing. I think it was the worst I’ve ever heard at a concert. Very sad. Thankfully I knew the songs well enough to know how they were supposed to sound :).

“Combat lover” by Nina Kinert, from the album “Pets & friends”.

She did a few extra-numbers as is usual, and overall I was very pleased with the concert, with the exception of the poor sound-quality.

Warmup for Nina Kinert at this concert was Therese Aune, a norwegian artist that I had never heard about before. She played some nice songs, but the same poor sound-quality made its appearance, and I didn’t really get a good feel for her music. She kept to the piano as single instrument as well, so it got a little boring after a few songs. I must admit I haven’t checked any of her tunes on myspace (I know she has some), and they might be worth a listen, to get a proper idea of what she’s all about.

If you haven’t already checked out Nina Kinerts latest album Pets & friends though, I suggest you do that first, it is highly recommended!